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Joshua Stewart Mejia

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Joshua Stewart Mejia was born in Houston. He grew up with a family that was born in Colombia and he is bilingual. Throughout his life, he has taken a liking to movies. He graduates at HCC for Filmmaking - General, AAS. He joined the Houston Film Production Club and he volunteered for the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. He is studying at Houston Christian University for Cinematic Arts BFA and a minor in Creative Writing. He joined the 48 Hour Film Festival and went to SXSW of 2023. He would like to move up in production to a studio and or company job. His future career goals are to do scriptwriting, directing, editing, and storyboards to eventually make a short film and feature film.


            The Conspiracy short film-2023

A film by Joshua Stewart Mejia. A student name John who live on campus in Houston Christian University in a apartment dorm. John came back from the grocery until. He finds out in the news of food price increasing and he think this is a conspiracy. So he want to find the truth of this conspiracy of food price increasing and he have gone sleepy later on. He realize his stomach is hungry and his food is all gone in the refrigerator but his stomach isn't making the growling sound. It is coming from the refrigerator that is making a growling monster sound. He need to find a way out of the nightmare so he can have a normal life.

Toki-2023 HCU 48 Hour Film Competition 

2nd place

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